What to bring to class?
Comfortably clothing (pants or shorts, tennis shoes) hand towel and bottled water.

Highly recommended that you bring:
Come dressed to work out. Best shoes to wear are: court shoes or “aerobic” shoes – wear shoes that do not have a lot of tread at the bottom and are meant for medial/lateral/twisting motion.  Running shoes and cross training shoes are not ideal because of the tread and also they are meant more for forward motion.  Jazz sneakers are fine too.  Any old shoe where the bottom is worn out is good so that you can twist and move easily. It is not necessarily good to buy new shoes for class because of the “break in” period needed – they could be really tight and make your feet sore if you try to break them in all in one day.


Thursday at 6:30pm at Delhi Center in Santa Ana

Monday – Zumba 6:30pm
Thursday – Zumba Kids 6:30pm
505 E Central Ave
Santa Ana, CA 92707
(714) 481-9600‬

Tuesday 6-7pm
Phone: 714.647.6558
Address: 1825 West Civic Center Dr.
Santa Ana, CA 92703

Wednesdays 5:45-6:45pm
Phone: 714.571.4200
Address: 2101 South Flower St.
Santa Ana, C 92707

Monday 8:30pm
Friday 7:30pm
Sunday 12pm

Ask about Zumbero Special for Schools, Churches, Community Programs or Non-Profit Organizations.
I’m also available for private events, extreme boot camps with my friend ZUMBANIMAL.

(714) 750-8157 Info
Let’s build a healthy community with a Fun Fitness Zumba program that works great for all ages!


28 Responses

    • Josue says:

      Hello Diane;

      Did you get my response? $10 first class and $5 there after when you bring a friend paying the full tuition of $10 fee. Please call me if you need more information at 714-750-8157. Happy New Year!

  1. Sandra says:

    For classes at Bienestar Familiar, is there any kind of package you can buy? Or do you have to pay per class?

    • Josue says:

      Hello Sandra how you doing? I believe they offer some kind of discount if you purchase a weekly package I’m not quite sure. Please contact Bertha Romero directly at 714-858-1325

    • Josue says:

      Yes! I always encouraging moms to bring their children to class. Need to be 6 year or older though. When are you planning to come? God bless you!

  2. Diana says:

    A great class. Thank you for incorporating the arm work-outs also. Many instructors leave them out. You always have positive messages. Adelante!

  3. Donna Rodriguez says:

    I am very interested in taking Zumba classes. How do I get started? I am interested in evening classes if possible.

    Thank you,

  4. Josue says:

    There is a $5 drop-in fee but you can save if you pay in advance per week or per month. Call for details at (714) 750-8157

  5. Mary-Alice says:

    I am writing to ask if there will be any Saturday classes offered in Orange in 2013. I am interested in attending with my daughter who will be turning six in April. Thanks for your time and dedication.

  6. MJ says:

    I am new in town and looking for a latin flavor Zumba class. I am originally from the Caribean and move from Florida.

    Are these places close to Jamboree ? I work in Irvine?

    Please advise, so I can join.


    • Josue says:

      I’m currently teaching in Orange and Santa Ana only, please visit to find an instructor near you.
      You’re more than welcome to join us for our FREE Zumba class Sundays at 10am before our church service. See address below!

      1501 N. Parton, Santa Ana, CA. 92706

  7. Stephanie says:

    I’m looking for a Zumba class in my area (cross streets are: main street and 17th street, Santa Ana). I saw a sign on a building for Zumba classes, but I’m not sure where the classes are held. Could you please provide me with the location of the classes.

  8. LaDonna Santana says:

    do you have any early morning classes ( 7 to 8 am)? Drove by your 6 pm class and it was too full. I prefer mornings if possible. Thanks

  9. Gloria Jauregui says:

    Will be vacationing in the area, do you offer aqua zumba classes there or do you know of water arobic classes being offered in the area. Do aqua zumba in my town. Would appreciate any help. Thanks.